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The D-Fence Pack

Keep Things Fresh

Stay Fresh Wherever You Travel

Keeping your in-car environment clean and hygienic is important for your wellbeing on the road. We believe that clean cars mean happier drivers, which is why we’re offering the essential D-Fence pack alongside new car sales, cars in stock and cars that are already owned by the customer.

The D-Fence pack includes:

Prime Cabin Filter
The MOPAR Prime Cabin Filter is a high-performance, carbon-activated filter, with an additional treatment based on Polyphenol to neutralise allergens. It drastically reduces the growth of moulds and bacteria, traps almost 100% of allergens and blocks particulate matter.

Air Purifier
The Air Purifier is a small portable device with an integrated HEPA filter for purifying the air inside your car. It’s capable of filtering even fine particles and removing up to 98% of airborne bacteria, as well as cigarette smoke and dust.  

UV-C Cleaner
A UV-C cleaner is an ultraviolet plug & play cleaner device, capable of removing up to 99% of bacteria present on interior surfaces and sanitising your in-car environment in a matter of minutes.