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Performances and safety

Cool safety

Reconciling looks and safety is not impossible.
In spite of its mouth-watering exterior, the 124 Spider S-Design does not forget to protect those on board, with a specific high-strength steel chassis to keep weight down while delivering rigidity and unbeatable safety.
Safety means beauty, too.

Fiat 124 Spider S-Design body safety

A matter of balance

Our engineers take your safety to heart: the best materials are not enough to ensure excellent impact absorption - the layout and conformation must also be structured on a multiple load basis.
Energy distribution starts from the body.

Fiat 124 Spider S-Design body safety

The ideal weight

A perfect mix of ingredients to ensure that your 124 Spider S-Design is the ideal weight: longitudinal front engine, gearbox, prop shaft and finally the rear differential, all aligned on the car's longitudinal axis. The right mechanical layout for ideal spider weight distribution.
Quality of performance depends first and foremost on road-holding.

Fiat 124 Spider S-Design weight

Control always to hand

The 124 Spider S-Design is a genuine roadster, in every respect: double wishbone front suspension and multilink at the rear. It prioritises accuracy and a quick response when entering a bend, and road-holding and traction on the way out.
All parts are designed to guarantee stability and reliability.

Fiat 124 Spider S-Design suspension