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Cars for novice drivers

Drive the one that’s right for you

Driving license fresh off the press and a world out there to discover.
A novice driver’s first travelling companion has to comply with all the limitations provided for in article 117 of the Highway Code. Do you already know all the features that a novice driver's car is required to have? Here is a short guide to find out:

- What are the limits for novice drivers as regards the car’s power / weight ratio?
- What is the maximum power of the vehicle novice drivers are allowed to drive?
- Which car is most suitable among those present in the Fiat range?

The guide gives you a complete picture of the principal rules that novice drivers are required to respect when preparing to purchase their first car. It also explains how the engines offered by FIAT comply with the limits imposed by law.
The FIAT range offers solutions that are perfect for novice drivers and 18+ drivers alike.

What are the characteristics of cars for novice drivers?

According to article 117 of the Highway Code, anyone who has been driving on a B license for less than three years is considered a novice driver. The limitations of kW and power, however, only apply to their first year of driving
The main purpose of the legislation is to prevent novice drivers from driving cars too powerful for their driving experience. The Highway Code defines in detail the correct power / weight ratio of the vehicle and what the maximum power limit, expressed in kilowatts / horsepower, must be:

- The limit for novice drivers is 55 kW / tonnes
- The vehicle must not exceed 95 horsepower (i.e. 70 kilowatts)

Novice drivers who do not comply with the law risk penalties ranging from a fine to being suspended from driving.
To respond to the needs of those who have recently passed their driving test and want to discover new roads, Fiat offers cars with different engines respecting both power and power / limits.

Novice drivers legislation: limits and sanctions

In addition to defining what type of car a novice driver can drive, Article 117 of the Highway Code provides other limits that new drivers must be careful not to exceed.

- Speed limit: novice drivers must not exceed a maximum speed of 100 Km / h on motorways and a maximum speed of 90 Km / h on main suburban roads.
The novice driver who respects these simple rules, can drive undisturbed without risk of fines, points reduction and suspension from driving.

- Alcohol level: a novice driver who wants to drive must ensure they have not consumed alcohol, even small amounts. The limits are very strict and the risks are high: fines, reduction of points (minimum 5) and suspension from driving.

If a novice driver is pulled over driving a car that exceeds the mandated power limits, they risk penalties ranging from a fine to a 2 – 8 month suspension from driving.
To avoid incurring penalties of this kind, you just need to check if the car correctly meets the limits provided for by the law, visit your local vehicle registration authority’s website and enter your vehicle’s license plate. There are currently no changes to article 117 of the Highway Code.

Discover the range for novice drivers

Fiat has always been at the side of those who enjoy experiencing the streets in perfect comfort and, even more, at the side of those who have just moved across from the passenger seat to behind the wheel. This is why Fiat came up with several configurations that respect both the limits of kW, hp and imposed for novice drivers, and also the needs of those who are already expert drivers.

The wide range of models is capable of meeting even the most varied needs.
Fiat 500 and Panda: iconic and perfect for those looking for an easy to handle and comfortable car for city driving.
The 500L, 500X and Tipo: ideal for those who prefer a more spacious and comfortable car. All the above are available with motors enabling novice drivers to choose the car best suited to their style.

Among the various engines: the 69 bhp 1.2 petrol engine and the brand new, environmentally friendly 70 bhp 1.0 hybrid engine; both available for 500 and Panda and in line with Highway Code regulations. Likewise, the 1.3 Multijet diesel available for 500L, 500X and Tipo, or the 1.4 petrol with 95 hp available on Tipo and 500L.
The Fiat 500L, Fiat 500X and Fiat Tipo are suitable for novice drivers in the 1.3 Multijet version with 95 HP.