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Electric Mobility

Welcome to the Fiat hub dedicated to electric mobility.
Discover what going electric stands for, clarify all your doubts and find out the related benefits and incentives.

New 500 «la Prima»

The icon that has been inspiring change since 1957 is now ready to take you into the next decade with unique features.

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Ride the Future, get the Present.

KIRI is the first electric journey-generated digital currency. Driving the future means gifting yourself the present thanks to KIRI.
The more miles you drive, the more KIRI coins you collect in your digital wallet and the more products and accessories you can get in the KIRI marketplace.

Range and Battery charging

How long will the charge last? How long will it take to recharge my electric car? Where can I find charging stations? To answer these simple questions visit our dedicated page.


Electric driving and car maintenance

Best in class features and latest technology represent the core of electric cars, reshaping our conception of mobility.
Discover electric driving and the advantages of its maintenance.

By following economical driving practices such as reducing average speed and acceleration - you can reduce your electric consumption.